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Largest places in Guinea

The largest cities and places in Guinea at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Guinea.

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Largest places in Guinea
Camayenne Camayenne1.Conakry Conakry1,871,242
Conakry Conakry2.Conakry Conakry1,767,200
Nzerekore Nzérékoré3.Nzerekore Nzerekore132,728
Kindia Kindia4.Kindia Kindia117,062
Kankan Kankan5.Kankan Kankan114,009
Gueckedou Gueckedou6.Nzerekore Nzerekore79,140
Coyah Coyah7.Kindia Kindia77,103
Kamsar Kamsar8.Boke Boke61,527
Labe Labé9.Labe Labe58,649
Kissidougou Kissidougou10.Faranah Faranah47,099
Fria Fria11.Boke Boke44,369
Siguiri Siguiri12.Kankan Kankan43,601
Macenta Macenta13.Nzerekore Nzerekore43,102
Mamou Mamou14.Mamou Mamou41,619
Telimele Télimélé15.Kindia Kindia30,311
Tougue Tougué16.Labe Labe25,531
Pita Pita17.Mamou Mamou20,052
Boke Boké18.Boke Boke15,460
Kouroussa Kouroussa19.Kankan Kankan14,223
Koundara Koundara20.Boke Boke13,990
Dabola Dabola21.Faranah Faranah13,057
Forecariah Forécariah22.Kindia Kindia12,358
Tondon Tondon23.Kindia Kindia12,235
Beyla Beyla24.Nzerekore Nzerekore11,566
Mandiana Mandiana25.Kankan Kankan10,609
Dubreka Dubréka26.Kindia Kindia10,363
Koubia Koubia27.Labe Labe9,909
Faranah Faranah28.Faranah Faranah9,350
Kimbo Kimbo29.Boke Boke9,326
Youkounkoun Youkounkoun30.Boke Boke7,952
Gaoual Gaoual31.Boke Boke7,461
Kerouane Kérouané32.Kankan Kankan7,228
Dalaba Dalaba33.Mamou Mamou7,036
Tokonou Tokonou34.Kankan Kankan6,729
Sangueya Sanguéya35.Boke Boke6,117
Dinguiraye Dinguiraye36.Faranah Faranah6,062
Mali Mali37.Labe Labe5,479
Lelouma Lélouma38.Labe Labe4,777
Yomou Yomou39.Nzerekore Nzerekore3,614
Boffa Boffa40.Boke Boke2,332
Lola Lola41.Nzerekore Nzerekore1,982
Mandekote Mandékoté42.Kindia Kindia415

1 - 42 of 42 places

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